Welcome to the English page of “De Triangel”. Here you can find a short summary of the most important subjects of our school.

Public school De Triangel has two buildings in the Rotterdam district of Charlois. Becausse of the organisation (f.e. class size, two buildings close to each other and physical layout) the school feels safe and personal.

Our school provides pupils a good base in Mathematics and Dutch language skills. We have several calculation specialists and language specialists working for our school. We work together with PPO, speech therapists and “de Voorleesexpress”.

Besides significant attention to the basic/primary subjects, is De Triangel an artful with a sports profile school. Because of these profiles we have a lot of attention for different art and sport disciplines. This means that we encourage healthy food, have a lot of moments for exercise, trips to look at different sorts of art and we have several subject teachers with their own speciality working at our school.
Through the use of Kanjertraining, a method for social and emotional skills, we help the children at our school to grow in their personal skills to participate in Dutch society.  


De Triangel is a school in the Children’s zone. This means that the children have extra school hours as planed in “het Nationaal Programma Rotterdam Zuid”, this to help them achieve maximum development.
To make these extra hours, we have a continues schedule. The children go to school from 08.15 to 14.30. We also provide a wide range of subjects after school hours. These subjects are based on different sorts of classes to help children develop a different set of skills. Like social skills, geography, science and citizenship.